The Company

Earth Adventure has been providing world class adventure programs for over 20 years. Our Mission is to deliver programs world-wide which are unique, exciting, safe and facilitate powerful learning outcomes.

As part of the The Wilderness Group, Earth Adventure specialises in international adventure travel experiences for student groups from elementary to university level. We combine our skills and experience with quality audited local providers working within the framework of the ISO standards for adventure activities. Our bespoke programs allow for curriculum based inclusions to meet your individual requirements

We really see the importance and benefit from education in the outdoors and design our programs with relevant curriculum inclusions in mind. We understand that the needs and learning outcomes of one school or group can differ immensely from another and are often able to cater to your specific schools needs.

All of our programs contain components of cultural immersion and hands-on experiences which we believe are integral to the learning. We believe in the broadening of students’ understanding of other cultures and the benefits attached.

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