Outdoor Skills

Getting outdoors and learning new skills are important components within the Australian Education System. As part of the Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures group, we take thousands of students into the outdoors every year and teach them skills for life. Just like our Australian students, you can include these activities into any tour you wish to undertake with Earth Adventure. Whether you want to improve your navigation skills, work on your teamwork with problem solving, or even experience spending the night sleeping in a tent, we can cater our activities to you. We also provide these activities in a wide variety of environments so whatever you are after we have you covered. Whether it be Outback Australia or urban cities, we can cater for you.


Bush Survival Skills

These activities are both fun and educational. They can be done in almost any campsite or location. While mainly suited to the younger age groups, these activities can be modified to capture the inner child in older students or adults when included as part or a team building program or bushwalk. Activities include: Survival shelter […]

Camping Skills

Learn everything you need to know about camping in the great Australian Bush. Our instructors will show you how to set up and put down tents, pack your own backpack, navigate with a map using a compass and cook using lightweight portable equipment.

Navigation / Orienteering

Discover your surroundings by navigating your way around with a map and compass in hand. A great experience for groups of any size and age that can also be a great stepping stone for navigation and bushwalking activities. Orienteering can also be run backwards. How you ask? The group sets out  their own course using […]

Problem Solving / Low Ropes

Whether you want to break the ice and form bonds with new people or further develop the cooperation and communication skills of a more experienced group, we have activities that fit. Our problem solving activities are designed to get you thinking laterally and to challenge yourself in different ways including mentally, physically and emotionally. These […]

Boomerang Making

Discover the historic art of boomerang making. Our instructors will give you  insight on how to write your own story using indigenous symbols and show you the tricks on how to carve the boomerangs so they come back. A great activity for those looking to bring out your creative side.