Outdoor Education Facilitators

Position Objectives
To provide a positive and safe learning environment for people who attend an Earth Adventure Outdoor Education program and / or camps.
To support and uphold Outdoor Educational learning principles and promote a positive Outdoor Educational experience that will encourage the desire to participate in future outdoor experiences.
To supply and facilitate an environment in which participants will learn skills in a broad range of Outdoor Educational activities as well as philosophies that will promote a desire to continue to participate and extend their outdoor skills and experiences in the future.

Required Qualifications for employment:
Current First Aid
National Police Clearance Certificate, no more than 3 months old
Drivers licence (preferred)

1 or more qualification field preferred. All accredited qualifications will be accepted.
Sailing Instructor
Windsurfing Instructor
Surf Coach
High Ropes Instructor
Top Rope Guide or Instruct
Bush Walking/Hiking
Kayak/Canoe Guide or Instructor
Snorkelling Instructor, Dive Master, PADI, SSI or equivalent
Power boat handling
Please note: It is not expected to have all of the specialist qualifications, although multi-skilling is advantageous for secure employment. Usually recommended to have 2 land based qualifications and 2 aquatics based qualifications, which can lead to working in a diverse range of programs on an ongoing basis.

Resumes and letters of interest can be directed to:
Earth Adventure Employment

Where? : China
Workload : Casual