Land Adventure

Let your sense of thrill and adventure guide you, and experience an exciting day with our land based adventure activities. Whether you want to walk or cycle through some of Australia’s most picturesque landscapes or take a scenic ride along our beautiful coastline, we have an option for you.


Mountain Biking – Tour Riding

Venture out on a memorable journey with a capable mountain bike as your choice of transport. You’ll be flooded with InstaWorthy photos of famous Australian wildlife, our naturally beautiful country side and group shots with friends.

Mountain Biking – Trail Riding

One of our most popular activities is our off-road mountain bike programs.  These are hosted in a range of areas including the Adelaide Hills and Flinders Ranges. The trails are suitable for beginners and for the experienced, so you can choose to take a more leisurely ride and take in outstanding views or conquer challenging […]

Billy Cart Construction & Racing

A great hands-on team building activity, Billy Carts can be done in any flat, grassy area. Suitable for all ages, you will have a  fun and educational team focused experience constructing the carts. Once constructed the teams can then let the competitive spirit soar as they then get to push team mates around various courses to take the title.

Bush Walking

Bush walking  promotes health and well being due to the physical exercise, exposure to nature and of course the Australian fresh air. Our instructors can also provide you with the equipment necessary to camp out and be self-sufficient for any number of days. Learn the skills associated with being out in the bush, setting up […]