History of Earth Adventure.  The Earth Adventure历史
Earth Adventure is part of Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures Pty Ltd (WEOA), and operates from it’s head office in Adelaide, South Australia.
The Earth Adventure 隶属Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures Pty Ltd (WEOA)公司,通过其位于南澳洲首府的阿德莱德总部办公室运营

Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures Pty Ltd was formed in 1991 by CEO and Founder Andrew Govan. Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures has grown to become one of Australia’s Largest and most respected Outdoor Education and Camp Providers. WEOA operates more than 200 Camp programs every year.
Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures Pty Ltd 由首席执行官Andrew G ovan先生1991年创办,并成长为澳大利亚最大和最为人推崇的户外教育和露营活动的提供者,WEOA每年运作 200多个露营项目。
WEOA began operating Earth Adventure Programs in Adelaide in 1996 and shortly after conducted it’s first international programs to Nepal.
WEOA在尼泊尔完成首个国际活动项目后于1996年开始在阿德莱德市运作Earth Adventure 项目
Earth Adventure in 2017 and beyond  2017年及以后的Earth Adventure
In 2015 WEOA decided that Earth Adventure would have it’s main focus on markets outside of Australia, and provide a variety of high quality services. It also set up Earth Adventure Hong Kong, and will soon be setting up Earth Adventure (Shanghai) Consulting Company as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise.
WEOA在2015年决定Earth Adventure专注于澳洲以外的市场并提供高质量的各项服务,成立了香港Earth Adventure,并即将成立外商独资的上海Earth Adventure咨询公司。
Earth Adventure currently works with groups from China, Japan and USA.  Earth Adventure正在服务于来自中国,日本和美国的团队