Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Earth Adventure is proud to offer the Adventurous Journey component for the Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award both in Australia and China. As an approved activity provider we aim to cater to the needs of individuals, schools and groups that are currently undertaking the award. Our staff have qualifications in a number of adventurous journey based activities including kayaking, bush-walking & mountain biking, so you will always be in good hands.

We aim to work with schools and groups to develop programs which are designed to satisfy Adventurous Journey requirements from Bronze to Gold. Our bespoke programs are designed with a particular focus on safety and gaining the most out of the journey.

Preliminary Training

Learn the skills needed to successfully prepare and plan for your Adventurous Journey. Our workshops include navigation, safety, packing, menu planning and emergency response. Upon completion you will be ready for your Practice Journey.

Practice Journey

By using the knowledge gained during the Preliminary Training you will be able to perfect those skills in the field. More lessons will occur during the Practice Journey which will have you ready to complete your Qualifying Journey soon after.

Qualifying Journey

The Qualifying Journey is what it all comes down to. With all of your skills now successfully ingrained, you are ready to complete this challenge. Earth Adventure staff will always be on hand for safety and assessment requirements.

For more information about our Adventurous Journey’s, or to book, please contact the Earth Adventure Team