Outdoor Education - CAS Journeys

The three facets of Outdoor Education we are developing are; Communities (relating to others), Individuals (relating to self) and Natural World (relating to the environment). Of course there are certain “hard skills” such as camping, cooking and kayaking which are important too, as they are the tools which allow us to make such journeys.

Self-concept, values, motivation, responsibility, challenge, goal setting & reflection.

Relating with Others:
Cooperation, communication, decision making, dealing with conflict, trust, leadership.

Relating to the Natural World:
Experiencing and observing our effect on nature and its effect on us, solitude.

Throughout the program you will encounter challenges that give you real opportunities to rely on others and on your own personal resources. Challenges will come in many forms, both internally and externally. These challenges may include tired muscles, home sickness, social issues, or weather conditions. We know that these factors will take you outside of your comfort zone and that you may feel like you can’t continue. But you DO have what it takes, through believing in yourself, assistance from friends, and supportive staff, to push through your comfort zone, meet the challenge and come out of camp stronger and more resilient, which can help you throughout school and even into adulthood.

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Best Seasons:All year
Popular Location:Australia

Outdoor Education - CAS Journeys

Outdoor Education - CAS Journeys

    8 Day Adelaide Flinders CAS Week

    A major focus of the 8 day camp will be the immersion into the outdoors and conservation. The arranged activities reflect this with multiple educational and inspiring experiences such as conquering the great 60 metre abseil, visiting the historic indigenous…

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