Duke of Edinburgh

Earth Adventure is proud to offer the Adventurous Journey component for the Duke Of Edinburgh International Award both in Australia and China. As an approved activity provider we aim to cater to the needs of individuals, schools and groups that are currently undertaking the award. Our staff have qualifications in a number of adventurous journey based activities including kayaking, bush-walking & mountain biking, so you will always be in good hands.

We aim to work with schools and groups to develop programs which are designed to satisfy Adventurous Journey requirements from Bronze to Gold. Our bespoke programs are designed with a particular focus on safety and gaining the most out of the journey.

We are pleased to be running an Adventurous Journey program for Bronze participants in the October School Holidays. There are two components being run during this period, including a pre-planning and training session on Tuesday the 25th September between 6-8 PM as well as a 4 Day Practice and Qualifying Journey between Tuesday 9th – Friday 12th October. The 4 day Journey will involve a debrief and planning session on the 2nd night with participants planning and preparing for their Qualifying Journey.

We are proud to run this program for both junior (-18) and senior (18+).

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